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Dan and Leland have been creating together for 20 years. Originally from the metropolis of Ukiah, CA, They played together in bands in High School before relocating to Southern California. They released two successful studio albums, New Directions and The Rush of Sights and Sounds before taking seven years to create Mind of Mirrors. 


Leland is a musician and author who lives in santa monica with his long-time fiancé and their cat, kitten. A proud California native, he holds a degree in philosophy, won first prize in fifth grade for an essay titled, “why i will Not do drugs”, and once heard his own music in a grocery store. At the time of This writing, he has been playing guitar for approximately 83% of his life.


In the brief moments of sanity between producing music, performing music, and purchasing instruments, dan likes to spend time with his wife and two boys. He lives by the motto given to him by his grandfather, ‘if it ain’t fun, don’t do it’. As a child he wanted to be a paleontologist, a ghostbuster, and a fighter pilot. One day he hopes to finally restore his father’s 56 chevy… chip foose, If you’re reading this…. 

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