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Mind of Mirrors, Book One (with companion 12 song soundtrack) is available now at as well as selected retailers. Dan and Leland, rock empresarios, have teamed up with artist Tom Hodges (The Clone Wars, The Simpsons/ RUSH) to create a combination graphic novel/ concept album for the ages. The music is fresh yet timeless, combining tight harmonies with blistering guitars and spanning genres from rock to country to intelligent pop. The book is an preternatural journey into the realization of the main character's self awareness. The book and album examine the relation of ego to self in an entertaining, humorous, and thoughtful manner. The story follows Jack, a conflicted young man, as he unintentionally journeys into a mirror world that reflects his confusion while he attempts to discover his true self and find his real direction.


Illustrated by Tom Hodges and Colored by Brianna Garcia

'...a story that blends both the visual imagery that a graphic novel presents to its readers, and also the thought provoking depths produced when listening to an emotionally charged album.'

Dark Media


'The art looks great.'

USA Today


'I have not done this much in the past, but I have no problem rating Mind of Mirrors as a 10.'


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